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Most every parent wants their Child to succeed.

  • 1. Education = Opportunity to Succeed.
  • 2. Most parents don’t feel like their child’s current education is teaching them how to succeed.
  • 3. English and Business Skills are at the top of their list.
  • 4. The massively expanding middle class market is looking for cost-effective ways to ensure their child succeeds.
  • 5. The unparalleled growth in mobile is presenting the platform for billions of kids around the world to learn in a new and better way.
  • 6. The Woogi kid-driven learning community delivers this opportunity to those kids and motivates them to learn without a school, teacher nor classroom time.
  • 7. The child learns English (and other languages), Entrepreneurship, Global Collaboration, Life-long Learning and Character - all on their own because they want to learn and be successful.
  • 8. We are ready to scale this new learning model to the masses - for pennies on the dollar and with better results than traditional education.