Carl Schramm - Dean (Dean of Global X-School)

Economist, entrepreneur, and former CEO of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, a $2B private philanthropic foundation. The Economist named Schramm the "evangelist of entrepreneurship". Schramm stepped down at the end of 2011 after nearly ten years at the helm of Kauffman. The Kansas City Star observed: "Under Schramm's tenure, the foundation laid a geographically bigger entrepreneurship footprint, launching Global Entrepreneurship Week (160 countries, 20k partners and 10 million participants) and leading the nation in entrepreneurship research.” Special Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Policy at the US Department of Labor.

Supporting staff


Scott Dow (CEO)

Scott has been a leader in testing and implementing the use of technology to deliver kid-driven, game-based learning since 2006. Scott has built partnerships with a wide variety of educators, government, foundations and corporations and the team leader of industry leading education technology projects which demonstrated the effectiveness of game-based learning for young kids. Founder of numerous companies in both the services and hi-tech industries.


Walter tak (Technology Development)

Walter has 20 years of experience including Chief Technology Officer for PC and mobile gaming projects in Europe and China. Walter has been involved in the design, development and implementation in a variety of technology environments involving data, networking, web hosting, gaming, rich media and mobile devices. Walter has been living in China for 7 years and is now running the Woogi China development office in Chengdu.


Glen Warren (Digital Literacy Advisor)

California School Librarian Association executive. Orange County Unified School District Teacher of the Year in 2013 and 2014. California Teacher of the Year semi-finalist in 2014. The teacher adviser for Digital Literacy to the office of the Governor of California.


Mariann Olson (VP Global Engagement)

Mariann has over 10 years of experience managing multinational staff throughout Asia and North America, utilizing each group's cultural strengths and differences to create profitable and motivated teams of diverse individuals. Living, working, and educating in over 30 countries and on 5 continents has provided her with opportunities to develop unique


Larry dow (VP Finance)

Larry spent 35 years designing, implementing and supporting integrated management information systems. As an IT consultant with an international direct marketing group, Larry developed innovative systems to automate contact management, sales and receipts, integrated with industry first networking and data mining solutions that facilitated annual sales growth for the group from $500,000 in 1981 to over $150 million by 2007. He also has managed complex International business structures.


Lambert sikkema (VP Partnerships)

Lambert has been an entrepreneur for the past 35 years. He has been involved in three start-ups and one turn-around enterprise. He has held positions on numerous educational boards and agencies (Lt.Col. USAF, Retired).


Nate sawatzsky (Community Advisor)

Nate was part of the founding team that built Club Penguin from a $0 to $700 million dollar company in 3 years that was purchased by Disney. He continued with Disney overseeing the Club Penguin community. He was later recruited by numerous other community minded companies including Facebook.


Ray Lemoigne (Academic Advisor)

Ray has been an educator in Canada for 35 years during which time he was a teacher, a school principal and a superintendent of schools. Beginning in 1992, Ray was a pioneer in the development of online schools and e-learning curriculum for remote communities in Canada and built Canada’s largest online learning portal. For the last five years Ray has been working on international education initiatives in China with Woogi.